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Longitude and Latitude?

Define longitude and latitude.. i look it up on google and there are 2 opposite definitions.?Longitude and Latitude?



Latitude and Longitude

Latitude measures distance north or south of the Equator (the band of 0 degrees latitude that runs east and west around the Earth). Each latitude line forms an imaginary circle around the Earth. Because these circles are parallel to the Equator, they are sometimes called “parallels.” The farther the circles are from the Equator, the smaller they are, until they become points at the North and South Poles. The latitude of the North Pole is 90 degrees north, and that of the South Pole is 90 degrees south. A location’s latitude is measured in degrees. If you could draw one line from the location to the center of the Earth and a second line from the Equator to the center of the Earth, the angle between those lines would equal the latitude of the location.

Longitude measures distance east or west of an imaginary band running from the North Pole through Greenwich, England to the South Pole. This imaginary band defines 0 degrees longitude and is called the Prime Meridian. Other longitude lines are sometimes referred to as “meridians.” All longitude lines meet at the North and South Poles.

Maps are often marked with both parallels and meridians—latitude and longitude lines. The latitude and longitude of a location are its geographic coordinates. Kids Network refers to these coordinates of a place as its “global address.” If you know the coordinates, or global address, you can use a world map to locate any point on Earth.Longitude and Latitude?
Definition of geographic latitude- It is the angle between the plane of the equator and the vertical at that place.

Longitude- it is the arc of the equator or the angle at the poles contained between the prime meridian and the meridian through that place.

(meridian= longitude)Longitude and Latitude?
Longitude goes up and down (vertically). Latitude goes sideways (horizontally).
longitude are the vertical lines and latitude are the horizontal ones.

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